Applications: Cartography, land surface, civil planning and mapping, digital terrain models, environmental monitoring, maritime monitoring, surface movement monitoring, change detection

Operator: DLR/Airbus D&S

Sensor Type: Radar

Highest Resolution: 0.25m

Widest swath width: 270km

Number of Bands/Modes: 7

Launched: 15th Jun 2007

Nationality: German

Revisit Interval: 2.5 days

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Additional Info

Name TSX
Parameters Measured X-Band 9.65 GHz (3.1 cm wavelength)
Sensor Type RADAR Sensor
Purpose TerraSAR-X is specifically optimized to meet the requirements of commercial users around the globe, who require readily available, high-quality and precise Earth observation data. TerraSAR-X dependably acquires high-resolution and wide-area radar images independent of the weather conditions. The satellite features a unique geometric accuracy that is unmatched by any other space-borne sensor. The science objectives are to make multi-mode and high-resolution X-band data available for a wide spectrum of scientific applications in such fields as: hydrology, geology, climatology, oceanography, environmental and disaster monitoring, and cartography (DEM generation) making use of interferometry and stereometry. The science potential of the mission is given by the high geometric and radiometric resolution (experimental 300 MHz Mode for very high range resolution); the single, dual and quad polarization mode capability; the capability of multi-temporal imaging; the capability of repeat-pass interferometry; the capability of ATI (Along-Track Interferometry). The business goal in this venture is to establish a commercial EO (Earth Observation) market by Infoterra on a sustainable service concept to its customer base. Infoterra, a subsidiary of EADS Astrium, is comprised of Infoterra Ltd. in Farnborough, UK, and Infoterra GmbH in Friedrichshafen, Germany (a subsidiary of EADS Astrium GmbH). Infoterra has established a global distribution network with a range of service options for its customers. A commercial goal is also to provide monitoring services for European initiative GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security).
Applications Cartography, land surface, civil planning and mapping, digital terrain models, environmental monitoring, maritime monitoring, surface movement monitoring, change detection.
Data Cost and Access Public - Subject to costing
Start Date of Collection 2007-06-15
End Date of Collection N/A
Spatial Resolution (meters) 0.25
Frequency of Collection {2.5}
Data Format GeoTIFF
Distributor contact contact@astrium-geo.com
Lineage TerraSAR-X is of SIR-C/X-SAR (1994) and SRTM (2000) heritage - DLR SAR instruments flown on Shuttle missions.
Additional Information TerraSAR-X1 (also referred to as TSX or TSX-1) is a German SAR satellite mission for scientific and commercial applications (national project). The project is supported by BMBF (German Ministry of Education and Science) and managed by DLR (German Aerospace Center). In 2002, EADS Astrium GmbH was awarded a contract to implement the X-band TerraSAR satellite (TerraSAR-X) on the basis of a public-private partnership agreement (PPP). In this arrangement, EADS Astrium funded part of the implementation cost of the TerraSAR-X system. In exchange, EADS Astrium/Infoterra received the exclusive commercial exploitation rights for the TerraSAR-X data. The satellite is owned and operated by DLR, and the scientific data rights remain with DLR. The satellite has a design life of at least five years.