Deimos 1

Deimos-1 22m Imagery

DEIMOS-1 is unique in providing, at the same time: • High-resolution images (22 m GSD) • Very wide swath (650 km) • Very frequent revisit worldwide (3-4 days for mid-latitude locations) All this, while assuring high quality of the data: • 10 bits quantization • Geo-localization to less than 1 pixel (<22m RMSE) • Cross-calibration with Landsat and DMC satellites And seamless compatibility with Landsat data: • Green band equivalent to Landsat’s ETM+2 • Red band equivalent to Landsat’s ETM+3 • NIR band equivalent to Landsat’s ETM+4

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Name Deimos 1
Parameters Measured Green, Red, NIR
Sensor Type Optical
Purpose Agriculture National and Continental Mapping
Applications Agriculture Mapping Wide Swath Asset Management, Natural Resources, Logistics, Urbanisation, Crop Management
Data Cost and Access Asset Management, Natural Resources, Logistics, Urbanisation, Crop Management.
Start Date of Collection 2009-07-29
End Date of Collection 2025-01-01
Spatial Resolution (meters) 22
Frequency of Collection {1.0}
Data Format Tiff
Distributor contact
Lineage It was constructed by Surrey Satellite Technology, based on the SSTL-100 satellite bus.[3] Deimos-1 was launched into a 686-kilometre (426 mi) sun-synchronous low Earth orbit.[4] The launch was conducted by ISC Kosmotras, who used a Dnepr-1 carrier rocket, with DubaiSat-1 as the primary payload. Deimos-1, along with the UK-DMC 2, Nanosat 1B, AprizeSat-3 and AprizeSat-4 satellites, were launched as secondary payloads. The rocket was launched at 18:46 GMT on 29 July 2009, from Site 109/95 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
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