What is data.satapps.org about?

With so many satellite data sources from public and private satellite operators the data.satapps.org is a mechanism for end users to discover what is available and how to get it. It was constructed and populated by the Satellite Applications Catapult in association with the UK Space Agency as a first step towards an integrated approach to satellite data access. By creating a hub that describes where satellite data can be found and information on what the satellite data can be used for we hope to lower the barriers to these data and enable wider use of satellites for evidence based decision making, information gathering and environment monitoring. What’s available in the hub?

Satellite data and satellite derived data is available from many different sources and in many different formats. The data hub is an aggregation of links to the suppliers of satellite data through a single interface and where possible making the raw data and satellite derived data available for exploration and download. There hub is by no means complete for every operational satellite but contains over 100 records have been added to date and we hope to increase this significantly over the coming months. By the global nature of satellites and there data acquisition processes, many of the datasets that can be linked to from this site have a global coverage, but where derived data has been created and shared UK subsets may be available. With an ever increasing amount of satellite data becoming available from private sources and the recent launch of the first Sentinel Satellite as part of the Copernicus European Earth Observation Programme the data hub aims to be at the forefront of satellite data information and knowledge.

How can I use the information from the hub?

The information you get for each record in the hub explains:

  • Access rights satellite data can come with many forms of access from free and open to commercial and licensed. Each data will have its own access rights and these will be explained by the particular data provider at the point of access. If you are unsure what you can use the data for we recommend you contact the data provider directly for details.

  • The resolution and other physical characteristics of the data being provided such as the bands and modes the data is collected in and the geographical coverage and size of the data.

  • In addition to this we are providing where possible information such as the lineage of the data the parameters that are being measured and the potential applications of the data.

Why should I sign up and logon to the data hub?

• It is possible to become a data publisher and link to it using the tool provided.

• To follow, comment and even “like” the data records. The data hub has been designed to create an ecosystem of users and suppliers of satellite data where data can be discovered and collaborations created.

Can I contact someone about the hub?

For more information about data.satapps.org and how you can be involved please contact earthobservation@sa.catapult.org.uk